Why buy the Sun Defender Aqua Shade

The Sun Defender Complete is the largest floating umbrella on the market and yes it does work even in the wind. The Aqua Shade Base is the heart of our company; it allows you to use your own existing umbrella to save money or purchase your own umbrella and get the perfect fit of size, material quality, and color. Plus, the Aqua Shade Base can be transformed into an Ice Chest to create your own floating oasis. We invite you to compare with any floating shade out there; once you do you will see there really is no comparison.

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Sun Defender Complete Floating Shade Set

How Sun Defender works?

The Sun Defender is simple to set up and works in any body of water. The patented Aqua Base uses the weight of water to stabilize and keep the umbrella upright. Simply inflate the float ring, drop in the base and you're ready to go...

Enjoy the outdoors with your Sun Defender Aqua Shade

The need to protect yourself form the scorching rays of the sun can never be overstated every time you are enjoying the outdoors. So why not do it in style and comfort. The Sun Defender Aqua Shade allows you to avoid those harmful rays without oils and lotions to contaminate your pool, lake, or ocean. It creates your own floating oasis complete with ice drinks for a cool relaxing water experience. Sun Defender allows you to quickly and easily move from land to water or vice versa with your shade and drinks. So don’t be roasted by the sun or forsake your pool because it’s too hot. Get the Sun Defender today and take back your water fun.